Zeus Birdbath + Bird Feeder - VHT-4



Contemporary stacked bird bath offers options for fresh water and/or treats. Designed and crafted in Germany, European songbirds already approve the sleek design... yours will too!

Tall bird bath / bird feeder with geometric shape looks sleek in the landscape to attract lots of feathered friends. Change treats with seasons for optimal winged activity, or use as a double-deck bird bath for more splash time in warm weather. Easily use as a feeder is winter, glazed stoneware bowls are weather-proof.

Durably unique, each is handcrafted with precision and quality materials. Stainless steel with porcelain stoneware bowls provide a striking contrast against natural backdrop.

Modern bird bath/feeder withstands the elements beautifully for year-round use. Fly-thru design allows for simple filling and cleaning. Ample space for birds to perch, dine, splash and preen.

Add an interesting branch for additional perching space and cool contrast. Use fruit, suet, peanuts or nest material in a suet cage or mesh bag on the hanging pin.

Functional sculpture that's most versatile in the garden, the Bauhaus Bird Bath/Bird Feeder will have avian friends flocking to your place in no time!

Wood perch and suet ball not included

1.75 mx 40 x 18 cm (upper part 40 x 18 x height 34 cm)

When the feeder is inserted into the ground the height is reduced about 15-20 cm