The Tea Squeasy


The teabag has become an indispensable part of everyday life, differences in the taste of teas prepared from tea bags or loose tea leaves with good qualities are often indistinguishable even by tea enthusiasts.

Our "Drinks Infusion Bag Express Help " ( tea bag extractor ) now also allows you to enjoy a quick cup of tea in style.

Gone are the questions: How do I squeeze out the tea bag? With the teaspoon on the edge of the cup, the result is rather unsatisfactory and always in danger of knocking the cup over.

With the paper tag, awkwardly wrapping the thread around the spoon and - not exactly hygienic - squeezing it out?

Gone are the questions: what to do with the used tea bag? Put it on the edge of the saucer so that the cup is in a puddle.

Gone are the unsightly sight of a squeezed out tea bag. Porcelain dish included.