Mantel Birdbath + Bird Feeder - VHT-1-L


Mantel bird feeder with its cubic, clear design language is based on the Bauhaus style . Its timeless chic promises to be trendy even decades later.

The term “bird snack” is appropriate because, in its combination as a feeding place and bird bath, it also provides water for the birds in the drier seasons.

For this purpose, a removable and easy-to-clean porcelain bowl was integrated into the wide-span flat roof.

Here, too, the cool modernity is combined with naturalness: A branch serves as a landing aid and becomes a loosening, design element. It is not included in the scope of delivery (but can be ordered as an option), because our request is: Take your children / loved ones by the hand, go into nature, look for a branch, even if the first one may still be does not fit 100%. It's good to look up from your smartphone, look into the distance, enjoy fresh air.

Since the porcelain bowls are frost-proof - we have tested them down to minus 20 ° C, you can leave them on the roof in winter and use them as an additional