Edel Bird Feeder Stand



 <span style="color: inherit;">We have received many inquiries to offer a stand made of stainless steel to match the design of the bird houses . We have complied with this request and are now offering a more luxurious version of a stand made of 8mm thick, laser-cut stainless steel for our standing birdhouses. Due to the choice of materials, this is far more expensive, but of course it goes better with a bird feeder in the Bauhaus style .</span>

A threaded rod made of stainless steel is screwed in the middle, onto which the rod of the bird house is placed. If you order a birdhouse and this stand at the same time, we will automatically shorten the rod by 5cm and cut it straight. In addition, the rod has a threaded hole in the lower area so that it can be firmly fixed on the threaded rod with an enclosed Allen screw.

For optimal stability, the base is designed to be 38.5 x 38.5 cm larger.