Condominium Bird Feeder VH-10-S


With this bird feeder we let birds become artists. If you fill different types of food between the large viewing windows made of acrylic glass, interesting, graphic structures result.

Modern, timeless architecture, functionality in detail, balanced proportions.

Linear design, large viewing windows on both sides and a slate roof characterize our Condoninium bird feeder.

Particularly appealing with different types of bird food such as black and peeled sunflower seeds. Because filled in layers, a new picture emerges every day. When you pick it up, the feed slides in different ways. New graphic structures are created every day.

The sloping slate roof can be easily removed for refilling. When putting it on, it is easily clamped so that it can withstand stronger gusts of wind.

The bird feeder made of brushed stainless steel

Two acrylic sheets with protective film on both sides as transport protection

A perforated plate made of natural slate as a roof to put on

Two round bars made of beech wood

4 rubber rings for locking the round rods on the stainless steel part

A split rod made of stainless steel with a height of 1.50 m. One end is beveled for easier insertion into the ground.

With a filling volume of over 4 liters (sufficient for more than 1.5 kg of sunflower seeds), a good supply of feed is ensured. The sloping slate roof is simply removed for refilling.

The roof is slightly jammed when it is put on, so that even gusts of 120 km / h cannot harm our test birdhouse.

Mounting material for fastening the house on the pole (stainless steel screw, polyamide washers, Allen key

Dimensions top (without slate): 31 x 12 x 19.5 cm

Dimensions slate: 40 x 20cm