Beyond Bird Feeder + Bath - VT -1


Beyond Bird Feeder + Bath  is a bird trough in the Bauhaus style, suitable for houses in modern architecture: Classic modernism meets unbiased birds.

Clear, open shapes, 2 porcelain bowls and a branch as a natural landing aid characterize this Bauhaus-style bird bath with additional feeding place .

The open design, based on Bauhaus and contemporary architecture, is so cleverly designed that a new view emerges from every angle.

As a water and feed depot, we opted for two frost-proof porcelain bowls, which can be bought later if one should break.

As easy as they are removable, they are easy to clean. The larger of the two holds 0.4 liters of water, sufficient for 2-3 days. (You shouldn't leave water unchanged in a bird bath for a long time: fresh water = healthy birds).

We use the lower bowl ourselves as a feed depot, because it has now been proven that bird feeding is particularly important in summer.